About us

Who we are

We are three History of Art students and members of GUAAS (Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society).

The Art Appreciation Society aims to promote culture and art in all its forms, ranging from visual art to cinema and literature. We host cultural events on a weekly basis that gather students of different academic backgrounds. In addition to discovering cultural institutions in Glasgow and throughout Scotland, we keep up to date with the latest cultural initiatives around the world, both physical and online, making the most of our online presence to promote events by different institutions. Whether you admire the Renaissance style or prefer contemporary art, you can find it all here.

Origin of the project

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we were suddenly back home during the lockdown, the three of us living in different cities across Italy. To stay connected and create a positive online environment, we started writing and posting short articles on the GUAAS social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook).

We established a weekly series of three posts, each one focusing on a different aspect of art such as visual art, exhibitions and films. We also promoted virtual events organised by museums on an international level, including online exhibitions and free lectures. From this, we launched a blog to group our articles and continue publishing new ones in a more solid and free format.

Our aim

Our aim is to engage a wider group of people with art. We want to make art accessible to everyone. You do not have to study art to appreciate it, it is a field that can be enjoyed and grasped by everyone. We believe it is important to understand art because it is part of the cultural heritage: in order to preserve it we have to understand it. This is the reason why in this blog we want to focus on writing short but clear articles that can be read even by an audience that does not hold any prior or specific knowledge in art.