Art is why I wake up in the morning

SKT Gallery is ready to launch another physical exhibition in London! Following the success of their two virtual exhibitions earlier this year, they are excited to continue promoting artists post-lockdown. 

Art is why I wake up in the morning” will focus on the necessity for art. For many people, art can be an indispensable lifeline that helps us make it through the day. Art can help us shape our lives and view the world in significant ways. On 14th June, Singapore’s The Sunday Times published survey results revealing which jobs were considered essential during a pandemic. 71% of the respondents thought that artists were the most non-essential occupation. Since it’s release, the survey has produced passionate debates in the media about the role of the creative industries. SKT Gallery is encouraging artists to respond to this and treat the theme as broadly and originally as possible.

Art is why I wake up in the morning” offers contemporary artists the opportunity to celebrate their creative drive. SKT is excited to collaborate with Paper Dress Vintage, a multi-functional venue that combines art gallery, boutique store and live music events. “Art is why I wake up in the morning” will be on show at Paper Dress Vintage’s beautiful pop-up gallery space – 352 Mare Street, E8 1HR – providing their artists with fantastic public exposure in a creative, cosmopolitan location.

The exhibition will take place from 14th October to 24th October 2020 at Paper Dress Vintage in central Hackney, one of London’s main artistic hubs (352a Mare Street, London, E8 1HR).

Shortlisted artists: Billy Bagilhole, Bolli Blas, Cathy Cheyne, Elena Chukhlebova, Ellie Hansen, Eva Yates, Gregorio Funes, Herbert Pulese Aulehla, Julia Maier, Kyo Kayamoto, Polina Chistyakova, Rosie Lonsdale, Seema Kaushik, Veera Pajula, Xavier Bellante.

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