The mutual influence between art and cinema

Art inspiration can also be found across different media. Visual art and the cinema have been reciprocally influencing each other since the moving image was first invented. Today, rather than focusing on a single case, we would like to create a collection of iconic cinematic moments which were inspired either by a visual work or reference a previous film.

It is important to underline that the inspiration is never accidental, it is the director’s (and the whole film crew’s) skill to meaningfully interpret a known image or scene, giving it a new, fresh interpretation which adds onto that collective cultural and symbolical baggage that viewers share.

The selection we present below is only a part of the huge amount of cross-cultural references to be found in these two forms of art. Do you have some examples in mind? Tell us about it!

Published by Bianca Callegaro

Bianca Callegaro is the co-founder, editor and manager of Art Gate blog. She is currently studying History of Art with Film and Television Studies (MA) at the University of Glasgow. She is a columnist for Glasgow University Magazine and volunteers as a museum guide at the Hunterian Art Gallery.