Meet the team: Belen, Bianca and Luna

Meet the Art Gate blog team!

We are three History of Art students at the University of Glasgow, and we are committee members of the Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society (GUAAS). We all collaborate on several tasks to bring Art Gate to life: pitching articles and proposing themes, curating and editing submissions, contacting collaborators and artists, promoting the blog on social media as well as writing articles, interviews and a newsletter!

Bianca Callegaro – Co-Founder, Manager and Social&Web Designer

Bianca (b. 1999, Milan) is a History of Art and Film and Television Studies (MA) student at the University of Glasgow. She is the co-founder, manager, editor and designer of Art Gate Blog. She has interned in several cultural institutions in Italy and the UK, such as The Hunterian Art Gallery, Six Foot Gallery and Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano. She also works in the cultural sector as a freelance writer and translator, and is currently a columnist at Glasgow University Magazine. She is looking to pursue a career in the museum and heritage sector, with a specific interest in Curatorship and Museology.

Luna Silvestri – Co-Founder

Luna (b.2000, Paris) is an Art History  student based in Glasgow currently completing her Master of Art. She is a founder of ArtGate, a blog that fosters artistic exchange through articles. She has interned at cultural institutions in Italy and in Glasgow, including the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. She is interested in the legal restitution of artifacts and in post-colonial studies.

Belen De Bacco – Co-Founder

Belen De Bacco (b. 1999, Italy) is a History of Art and English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. She is a co-founder, manager and editor of Art Gate blog. She collaborated with a variety of museums and art festivals such as Deptford X, The Hunterian Art Gallery and the Centre for Contemporary Arts. She is particularly interested in Museology and Arts and Heritage Management.